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Published: 13th of Jun 2017 by: Carolyn Kessler

This sounds like a really stupid thing to write a blog about, but it’s something that’s vital to good customer service - the ability to listen.

Now that sounds so easy. Don’t we all listen when we’re on the phone? Why would it be necessary to comment on such an everyday, mundane activity?

Well – that’s just the reason we do have to talk about it. It can be a really boring activity and we need reminding every so often that good customer service starts with listening when the client speaks.

Have you ever zoned out while on the phone? Suddenly, you are pulled out of your reverie because the customer has finished talking and you’d completely zoned out whilst you were thinking: “This is the twentieth time I’ve had to answer the phone in the last 30 minutes and I’m so sick and tired of hearing the same stuff over and over again.” Whoops – could you please repeat everything you just said Mrs Customer……

Don’t fret – you’re only human, which is why you need the following tips to help you stay focussed!

1. Always have a pen and a piece of paper at the ready.

2. As soon as the customer gives you their name – write it down.

3. Write down key words during the conversation.

4. Use the customer’s name a couple of times during the conversation.

5. Ask questions – these keep you involved in the discussion.

6. Reflect the things the customer says back to them to make sure you’ve heard correctly – this keeps your head in the game and ensures you have clarified things.

7. If you’re tired – stand up and breathe deeply whilst listening.

8. Use humour if appropriate.

9. Recognise the signs that you’re about to drift off and write down whatever the customer just said – this keeps you focussed.

10. Keep in mind this is a brand new customer with a brand new set of issues and treat them as such.

Our Frontline Reception and Customer Care courses cover an entire module on how to listen actively and how to evaluate your listening skills.

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