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Navigating End-of-Year Madness
Can you believe it's almost the end of the year? It's like we blinked, and suddenly we're knee-deep in holiday decorations and a to-do list that's longer than I imagine Santa's would at this time of year.
Published on 24th of Nov 2023 by Shona Beukes [ read more ]

The Power of Soft Skills and The Crucial Role of Skills Development
In the ever-evolving landscape of the business world, it is important to acknowledge that success is not solely determined by your technical ability. While hard skills are undoubtedly essential, we need to shine a spotlight on the significance of soft skills and the continuous journey of skills development.
Published on 16th of Nov 2023 by Shona Beukes [ read more ]

Emotional Intelligence: It Makes All The Difference
Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand and manage one's own emotions as well as those of others. It involves a set of skills that go beyond technical expertise, encompassing self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.
Published on 10th of Nov 2023 by Shona Beukes [ read more ]

Unpredictable Management Styles
South Africans are still basking in the afterglow of an amazing RWC win. If you, like us, have a great interest in the successes of great leaders and managers, you too will be trying to make sense of exactly what it is that the Springbok leadership team have done, to bring us to this kind of success.
Published on 3rd of Nov 2023 by Debbie Engelbrecht [ read more ]

Help! I Am Stressed...
The countdown to the end of 2023 has begun, and it is only natural for many of us to feel overwhelmed and stressed.
Published on 27th of Oct 2023 by Staff Writer [ read more ]

The Cool Thing About Complaints
The number one goal is always to keep customers and/or clients happy, but when complaints do come it is important to remember that there is a silver lining...
Published on 13th of Oct 2023 by Staff Writer [ read more ]

Change Unmanaged: South Africans and that Jersey
Being September 2023, the Rugby World Cup is big news. Sporting fans from around the world are excited and making plans to watch their favourite teams play. That team for me? Definitely the Springboks! But there has been a recent change to our beloved team in green and gold... A change that was not well managed, to say the least.
Published on 18th of Sep 2023 by Debbie Engelbrecht [ read more ]

A Mindful Moment: Stop and Smell the Roses
Spring is here, but that doesn't mean that everyone is taking a moment to stop and smell the roses. Some might be worrying about the future, others might still be stressed about past mistakes and some of us might just be burying our heads in everything we still have to check off our to-do list...
Published on 15th of Sep 2023 by Shona Beukes [ read more ]

Lekka Leadership: Rassie Erasmus
Everything I read and observe about this man makes me admire his leadership skills more. Authentic and purpose driven, brave, not afraid of risk taking, analytical, visionary and humble. I don’t know him, I wish I did and that leaders with similar styles would be available as mentors to everybody out there.
Published on 8th of Sep 2023 by Debbie Engelbrecht [ read more ]

6 Habits for Better Productivity and Stress Management
When it comes to productivity, knowing how to spend our time effectively and wisely should be one of our top priorities! So what strategies and habits can we implement that supports our productivity and helps us manage our stress at the same time?
Published on 6th of Sep 2023 by Shona Beukes [ read more ]

Looking Back and Moving Forward
Don't be afraid to look back, sometimes it is necessary to learn from the past, or take a moment to see how far we've come. It can serve as a good reminder of what you are capable of...
Published on 31st of Aug 2023 by Shona Beukes [ read more ]

Your September Training Plan
We've seen first hand the positive impact regular training has on individuals, teams and organisations as a whole. It all comes down to...
Published on 25th of Aug 2023 by Shona Beukes [ read more ]

A Story About Strength
Every year in August we celebrate women's day. In South Africa Women's Day marks the anniversary of the great women's march of 1956, where women marched to the Union Buildings to protest against the carrying of pass books.
Published on 18th of Aug 2023 by Debbie Engelbrecht [ read more ]

A Mindful Matter: The Voice Inside Your Head is Lying
You know that little voice inside your head that is telling you that you're not good enough or that you don't deserve good things? News Flash: It is a liar!
Published on 11th of Aug 2023 by Shona Beukes [ read more ]

Poor Communication Leads to Low Productivity
Effective communication is key to our success in the workplace. We have written many blogs on this topic and the benefits of having good communication skills in place, but now let’s look at the opposite side of the coin...
Published on 28th of Jul 2023 by Shona Beukes [ read more ]

Are You a Good Manager?
If you are in a leadership or management position, today's burning question calls for a bit of introspection... Would you work for you?
Published on 21st of Jul 2023 by Staff Writer [ read more ]

Value Beyond Compliance
This concept of value is one that we often speak about in the training and education industry.
Published on 14th of Jul 2023 by Debbie Engelbrecht [ read more ]

Brand Development: Why Customer Care and Receptionist Training Matters
Brand development is a huge part of business, no matter what industry you're in. But are you, without realising, glossing over an important factor of your company's brand development?
Published on 7th of Jul 2023 by Shona Beukes [ read more ]

Resilience Requires Bravery
In the dictionary, resilience can be defined as the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. The second definition describes it as the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity. Now, I want you to picture a sponge...
Published on 23rd of Jun 2023 by Shona Beukes [ read more ]

2 Things to Remember for Your Next Presentation.
"The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the listener receives." ~ Lilly Walters
Published on 9th of Jun 2023 by Shona Beukes [ read more ]

A Feel Good Story: Great Service Starts with a Good Receptionist!
This past week, Wednesday the 31st of May to be exact, I was on the receiving end of a great reception and service.
Published on 2nd of Jun 2023 by Debbie Engelbrecht [ read more ]

Lessons Are Where You Find Them
As is Feedback. When I was asked to write this blog on the art of giving feedback, I had no idea how to make it easier and lighter and more fun than the ordinary business-related posts. Then I took a second... And in that second, I accidentally made eye contact with my trusted 4-legged office partner and trusty hound.
Published on 19th of May 2023 by Debbie Engelbrecht [ read more ]

A Mindful Matter: Stop Doubting Yourself
Are you allowing your self-doubt and limiting beliefs to hold you back? I get it, truth is it's something most, if not all of us, have had to face at some point in our lives.
Published on 12th of May 2023 by Shona Beukes [ read more ]

May The Force Be With You
Yes, we used a Star Wars reference to get your attention. But it was also a clever play on words because it's the month of May and we have something to say...
Published on 5th of May 2023 by Shona Potgieter [ read more ]

Why Effective Communication Matters in the Workplace
In the workplace, communication can quite literally make or break a team. They say the biggest problem when it comes to communication is the illusion that it has taken place. We might think we are communicating effectively, but in reality, it could be a completely different story.
Published on 21st of Apr 2023 by Staff Writer [ read more ]

Leading in 2023: Certainly Uncertain
This is the dilemma facing leaders in 2023. We have on many occasions explored the value alignment between company and employee, we understand that engagement relies heavily on finding the "why" for our teams. Ultimately, we have done a good job with the unpacking of company values and clearly articulating the behaviours necessary to reflect those values.
Published on 14th of Apr 2023 by Debbie Engelbrecht [ read more ]

Open April!
There are a few common theories behind April's naming. One is that the name is rooted in the Latin Aprilis, which is derived from the Latin aperire meaning "to open" - which could be a reference to the opening or blossoming of flowers and trees, a common occurrence throughout the month of April in the Northern Hemisphere.
Published on 6th of Apr 2023 by Lize Testa [ read more ]

Presentation Skills: 4 Ways You Can Calm Your Nerves
Butterflies, sweaty palms, shaky voice, shallow breathing, heart racing... You might find that you experience some, if not all, of these symptoms when faced with the task of giving a presentation.
Published on 31st of Mar 2023 by Shona Potgieter [ read more ]

Have You Identified Your Communication Style?
"To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others." ~ Tony Robbins
Published on 24th of Mar 2023 by Staff Writer [ read more ]

Mindful Matter: Let Others Stand Under Your Umbrella
"Kindness keeps us grounded and relatable to all people as we soar to the heights we are reaching for professionally and personally." - Adrienne Bankert
Published on 10th of Mar 2023 by Shona Potgieter [ read more ]

March: Madness or Motivation?
Believe it or not, but March is here and so is another month of amazing training and development opportunities...
Published on 3rd of Mar 2023 by Shona Potgieter [ read more ]

Fogging, What and Why?
No this is not an excuse for an expletive! Fogging is a tool we use to teach assertiveness and conflict management. Essentially fogging is a great weapon in your arsenal of emotional intelligence. To explain it we will start by explaining what defensiveness is...
Published on 24th of Feb 2023 by Debbie Engelbrecht [ read more ]

Breaking Trust in the Workplace
Have you heard about Donetto the Chianina bull? He holds the world record for the heaviest bull weighing in at 1780 kg. For the purposes of this blog we are going to be inviting him into a china shop.
Published on 17th of Feb 2023 by Shona Potgieter [ read more ]

A Mindful Matter: Have You Been Paying Attention?
"Paying attention is how we show love". A quote I heard from a character in the show my husband and I have been watching, but as soon as I heard it I thought... Yes, that is so true!
Published on 10th of Feb 2023 by Shona Potgieter [ read more ]

Leadership: Navigating a VUCA World
I have been in the fortunate position of being a facilitator in the leadership development arena for close on two decades now. I clearly recall when the analysts were starting to talk about a VUCA environment and how we need to prepare our leaders for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.
Published on 3rd of Feb 2023 by Debbie Engelbrecht [ read more ]

Emotional Intelligence: Understanding Different Personalities
Understanding different personality types is integral to successfully negotiating relationships - both with ourselves, (intrapersonal) and with others, (interpersonal). On these two pillars rests all of emotional intelligence.
Published on 27th of Jan 2023 by Staff Writer [ read more ]

Understanding Soft Skills
Soft Skills Training is an essential part of workplace success. But you might still be wondering what exactly "Soft Skills" are and why it is important.
Published on 20th of Jan 2023 by Staff Writer [ read more ]

Skills Training to Start 2023 Strong!
Have you thought about your organisation's training goals and requirements for the year ahead? Remember, training isn't just an investment in the successful running of your business, but an investment in the development and success of your employees.
Published on 13th of Jan 2023 by Staff Writer [ read more ]

Thank You for Your Support
And so, another year comes to an end. Looking back on 2022, we can’t help but feel excited for what 2023 may hold! But first, we have something to say...
Published on 15th of Dec 2022 by Staff Writer [ read more ]

3 Ways to Boost Your Motivation
It's that time of the year. The fatigue has hit, stress levels are high and motivation might be low. At this point many of us have one thing in sight: Holiday!
Published on 2nd of Dec 2022 by Staff Writer [ read more ]

Reaching Your Goals in 2023
Believe it or not, but we've only got 38 days left until 2023. And that's if you read this blog on the day it was written. Point is, time is ticking and with the new year around the corner, we should all be thinking about our goals for the year ahead.
Published on 25th of Nov 2022 by Shona Potgieter [ read more ]

4 Reasons to Train Your Staff in 2023
Grabbing every opportunity to strengthen your team's existing skillset as well as developing new skills, leads to a boost in team and organizational performance!
Published on 18th of Nov 2022 by Staff Writer [ read more ]

Your 2023 Training Calendar
As you know, training and development is one of the best investments your organization can make.
Published on 4th of Nov 2022 by Staff Writer [ read more ]

Prioritise Diversity Training in Your Organisation!
"The biggest mistake is believing there is one right way to listen, to talk, to have a conversation - or a relationship." ~ Deborah Tannen
Published on 28th of Oct 2022 by Staff Writer [ read more ]

How Do You Deal With Stress?
"Times of stress are also times that are signals for growth, and if we use adversity properly, we can grow through adversity." ~ Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski
Published on 21st of Oct 2022 by Shona Potgieter [ read more ]

Why You Should Attend Personal Mastery Training
"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." -Viktor E. Frankl
Published on 14th of Oct 2022 by Staff Writer [ read more ]

Will Your Team Be Training In October And November?
There is no time like the present when it comes to getting our organization and its people geared up and ready to end this year on a high note.
Published on 6th of Oct 2022 by Shona Potgieter [ read more ]

Do Your Customers Know You Care?
Good customer service matters. It has always mattered, and it will always matter.
Published on 16th of Sep 2022 by Staff Writer [ read more ]

Training in September and October
Have you planned your training and development for the upcoming months? With only 3 and a half months to go before the end of 2022, we urge you to make the most of this time!
Published on 9th of Sep 2022 by Shona Potgieter [ read more ]

Trust the Process
Whether it be at work or in your personal life, you may be faced with situations that require you to trust the process. And let's face it, this can be challenging...
Published on 5th of Sep 2022 by Shona Potgieter [ read more ]

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