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To supply the learners with the necessary knowledge and confidence, enabling them to conduct professional e-mail and letter writing including minute taking. This workshop is geared towards English Second Language users and does address basic grammar and common errors.

Course Content

How do I improve my English

Why it is so important, free resources and practical suggestions

Basic English Building Blocks

The basics from nouns and verbs to direct and indirect speech

Common grammatical errors to avoid

A comprehensive list of grammatical and spelling errors

Emphasis - how and why

Being coherent in your approach

The Six C's of business letter writing

The basics explained

Business letter writing checklist

A comprehensive check and editing list

Opening and closing formats

Providing templates

Conversational style techniques

Setting the tone and keeping to the point, using plain English, avoiding unnecessary jargon

Sentence Structure

Getting the sentence structure right

Getting the navigation right

Getting the sentence structure right

The language of minute taking

Getting the tenses right

More on this workshop

The difference between this workshop and the Business Writing workshop is simply that additional grammar and punctuation modules have been added.

With so few South Africans conducting business in their first language, this workshop will be of assistance to those who find themselves uncertain of their written skills. This is a 2-day workshop and is only presented inhouse.

"I have made this letter longer because I did not have the time to make it shorter." ~ Blaise Pascal

The duration of this seminar is 2 day(s).

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