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To assist admin staff with outbound sales calls and follow up communication with clients amidst the pressures of a daily admin or support function.

This workshop helps delegates who do not have a natural sales inclination to recognise the worth of sales talk and gives them the confidence to perform this portion of their tasks with confidence.

Course Content

How to Plan your Selling Time

Sales a secondary function – prioritising time is essential

The Importance of Establishing the Correct Contact Person

Building confidence and speaking to the decision maker

Learning to Listen

The strength of good sales

Positive Speech and Sales Talk

Can Do attitudes and building alternatives for a win-win conclusion

The Importance of Making Your Call a Two-Way Conversation

Open ended questions

Product Knowledge - The Importance

Developing killer knowledge

Anticipating Questions

Understanding what objections and FAQ’s your clients may have

Courtesy, Tone of Voice

Being polite and likeable

Confidence and the Professional Approach

You are the expert, going for the close

Closing the Call if it is Negative

Every no takes you one step closer to the yes

Closing the Call if it is Positive

Learning to recognise closing signals

Sales Admin

The job is not done until the paperwork is completed

The duration of this seminar is 1 day(s).

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