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To assist project managers, administrators and team members to plan for and execute projects efficiently and fully

Course Content

Introduction to Project Management

Understanding the different models, what are the basic theories we can model our actions on?

Identifying the 9 aspects of Project Management

The essential components of managing a project and understanding the weight of each in the successful completion of a project

Communication, Team, Risk, Time, Procurement, Cost, Quality, Customer and Scope

Detailed understanding of what each aspect involves, how much time and energy to expend on each and what a project leader can look to improve on in each of these aspects

Understanding and defining scope

Without a detailed understanding of this essential aspect the whole project is doomed. Analysing deliverables, boundaries and requirements. Eliminating scope creep.

Managing the client and other parties/stakeholders

Business or Politics? It is necessary to know who the client actually is and who needs to be involved to ensure the successful completion of the project

Organising the project

Structuring and planning the project in a way that makes sense and saves time whilst concentrating on quality and cost

Risk identification and analysis

Identifying and managing risk through an understanding of the risk
management register and cycle

Task identification and analysis

Using charts and plans and related project management methodologies

Cost identification and analysis

Understanding the financial aspects and implications

Creating the task lists (work to be done)

How to create these lists using your team to its best effect

Using standard charts and theories to plan

The importance of understanding and implementing these tools

Analysing the value of the project

Identifying the business value of the project

Monitoring and controlling the project

Quality control and how to keep abreast of this aspect

The duration of this seminar is 2 day(s).

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