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To assist all business people with observing business protocol and etiquette ensuring successful relationships with colleagues and clients. In our diverse working environment with numerous cultures represented, it is necessary for all South Africans to attend this course at least once in their business careers.

Course Content

Etiquette and manners - What are they?

An in depth understanding of these and their importance


An attitude - analysing personality traits and how they affect our success

Daily Etiquette, Procedures and Protocol

Office etiquette, courteous colleagues, procedures, protocol and communication

Professionalism in the workplace

Understanding professionalism, accountability and work ethic

Time and Personal Space

Understanding our diversity and how it affects our perceptions

The Etiquette of Communication

Effective communication skills

Electronic Communication

How to use this medium effectively

Telephone Etiquette

Handling the call successfully

More on this workshop

"Etiquette is the noises you don't make while you are drinking soup." ~ Unknown

A workshop for those who wish to understand and explore the concept of international business etiquette.

In a country such as ours where there are so many different cultures, we are bound to find disagreeable behaviour in others.

In this workshop we address these issues along with the "new" set of behaviours that will be brought to the country as our BRICS alliances become stronger. A definite must have!

The duration of this seminar is 1 day(s).

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There were lots of light bulb moments. ~ Tiffany

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