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Typically a coach will meet with an individual or team over a pre-determined period of time to help with, among others, goal setting, understanding each other's and our own communication styles and decision-making.

Coaching is a highly versatile tool and can be adapted according to the situation, number of individuals, time and budget.

Staff Training's coaching division, CANdo Coaching offers several coaching options, which include various combinations of the Enneagram Personality Profiling Tool, training sessions, and individual or team coaching sessions. Click here to find out more about what specific coaching options are available to you.

For the individual, Coaching has many benefits including reduced stress, less conflict, clearer goal setting, and a better understanding of how others operate.

Team Coaching leads to more cohesive teams, improved communication, better balance, higher productivity, and greater success.

Click here to view an infographic explaining why coaching works and what some of the benefits are or check out the case studies in the menu to the right of this page.

Absolutely everyone can benefit from coaching, both in their personal and professional lives. CANdo Coaching offers its various coaching options across South Africa at your premises or ours, for individuals, teams and entire organisations.

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Contact us for more information on coaching and how it can best suit you, or browse the links on the right of this page for case studies and further reading.

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