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Published: 13th of May 2013 by: Miss Knowitall

While you may not always be able to control pricing, market trends, or how your location affects business, one thing you consistently have control over is the level of customer service your business achieves.

These are our top three reasons for why customer care is critical for your business:

1. Customer retention

Did you know it can cost five times more to gain a new client than to retain an existing one?

Add to this the fact that one of the main reasons people return to a particular business (instead of its competitor) is good customer service, and it's clear that the extra effort can prove highly beneficial.

2. Competitive advantage

Good customer service is itself a draw card in that people prefer to spend money with people or companies they feel truly value them. Good customer service is just that - truly valuing the client.

Ensuring that your staff are knowledgeable, efficient, helpful and friendly can be what sets you apart from the almost identical outlet down the road.

3. Word of mouth

If I have to pick between two restaurants I'm more likely to pick the one my friend recommends than any other. Fortunately good customer service is something that people like to talk about, so capitalise on this free and highly valuable advertising simply by stepping up your level of customer care.

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