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Published: 19th of Jun 2013 by: Ms Knowitall

And how you can overcome this.

No one is immune to stress, but for a manager faced with a workforce who are themselves stressed, and who won't seem to get along no matter what you try, the word "stressed" just doesn't quite cut it.

Unfortunately this is not an uncommon scenario.

On the bright side, though, we all know what they say about a crisis… With it comes an opportunity….

In this instance we have the opportunity to change our workforce's way of thinking (which is clearly not producing the best results at the moment) to a more cohesive and cooperative one.

But how?

It was Daniel Goleman who said, "Emotional intelligence matters twice as much as technical and analytic skill combined for star performances…", because without emotional intelligence our workers are far more likely to become overly stressed, unmotivated and have poor interpersonal skills, leading to a breakdown in communication and cooperation.

Thus by improving our workforce's level of emotional intelligence we are able to alleviate many of the problems its absence causes, enabling employees to more effectively cope with stress, understand others and their needs better, motivate themselves, and be more in control of their moods and emotions.

An emotionally intelligent workforce is able to function at optimal levels no matter what the situation, be in it teams, individually or mixed. Emotionally intelligent workers are able to see the value of good communication and cooperation and naturally act accordingly.

Staff Training presents Emotional Intelligence training nationwide. Contact for more information or call (021) 839 3021

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