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Published: 7th of Feb 2013 by: Miss Knowitall

Want to know the secret to making your boss happy?

It's simple.

Think for yourself. That's all there is to it.

Instead of running to your boss because you can't find the fifth page of a vendor application form, try to solve the problem on your own. Could it have gotten lost amongst the other papers on your desk? Is there a digital copy of the document you can access to re-print page 5? Can you request a re-print of the document from the original source instead of going through your manager?

Even if the answer in each instance is no, well, at least you've tried your best to make things right - which is oftentimes what's most important.

Almost as important as this is actually defining the problem before taking it further.

What this means is that you should have all the facts ready and know how far the problem extends. For example, if you can no longer access a file on your computer that you frequently use you should first answer the following questions before taking it further:

When did the problem first occur?

When was the last time I used the file successfully?

Are any other files in the same folder affected?

Are any other folders affected?

What is the full path of the file?

(E.g. C:\Documents and settings\Janine\My Documents\2013_deadlines.doc)

Now, armed with all the information about the problem as you can gather, you can relay the problem to your manager, or in this case the correct department would be the IT department.

Managers like to know that the office won't burn down if they aren't there to supervise every minute of the day. Employees who think for themselves and problem solve on their own (or as a team) are the individuals who prevent these fires. This is what makes your boss happy - instead of leaving him/her in charge of ALL the thinking.

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