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Why I Value Communication Skills and Why You Should Too
During my varsity days, I was a volunteer for a community youth movement. In this youth movement, I took up a few positions. Many people thought I was crazy for giving so much time towards this organisation – university was so demanding already. Looking back, maybe I was a little crazy but I really gained so much experience and skills that I am able to use in the workplace today.
Published on 16th of Oct 2017 by Tamara Benatar [ read more ]

Ever Feeling Overwhelmed?
Everywhere I turn, I seem to be encountering people who are sinking under the weight of the demands of life, most particularly at work.
Published on 28th of Sep 2017 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Real Skills for Real People!
We work in a dynamic industry where new ideas are constantly being propounded. This phenomenon can be the life blood of soft skills training. However, unless we’re discerning, we can end up with workshops full of ‘new’ and exciting theories and tools which over-promise and under-deliver.
Published on 26th of Sep 2017 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Qualified but Unemployed
It’s a fact that these days, a university qualification does not guarantee you a job.
Published on 18th of Sep 2017 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Discretion and Social Media
A group of workshop delegates and I had a very interesting discussion, centring on the level of privacy we can justifiably expect when populating our social media pages with personal information.
Published on 13th of Sep 2017 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Words are Powerful!
Words really do have power! Completely contrary to this ancient idiom: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me!"
Published on 11th of Sep 2017 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

A Case Study in Emotional Intelligence Training with the Enneagram
One of Staff Trainings’ sixty+ workshops is our two day Emotional Intelligence training that includes the Enneagram.
Published on 8th of Sep 2017 by Debbie Engelbrecht CEO [ read more ]

Team Work
Recently, I experienced a difficult life event with the death of my father-in-law. It wasn’t tragic as he was ninety-five, but it caused a huge amount of upheaval with family coming from overseas, etc.
Published on 4th of Sep 2017 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

We’re Social Animals!
We really are social animals. Some of us more than others, that is true. But we all need to connect with our fellow human beings at some level.
Published on 30th of Aug 2017 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Our Third Training Hero
Elizabeth is the general manager of a transport company. They approached us for, firstly, sales training and later, for emotional intelligence training. A number of their people came through our doors and it became apparent to us that Elizabeth had a special knack for seeing potential in others.
Published on 29th of Aug 2017 by Debbie Engelbrecht CEO [ read more ]

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