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Your Attitude Most Definitely Determines Your Altitude!
I’m fascinated by the varying attitudes people bring to the workplace. Some I can easily empathise with – others, not so much…
Published on 20th of Jun 2017 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Horrible Bosses!
I recently watched an old movie with this title. It was cringe-worthy in the extreme and I have to admit that I opted not to finish it.
Published on 19th of Jun 2017 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

The Difficult Clients we tend to Interact with
You don’t get difficult clients - you get disappointed clients, ones who are used to companies over promising and under delivering.
Published on 14th of Jun 2017 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

10 Tips on Staying Focussed on the Phone
This sounds like a really stupid thing to write a blog about, but it’s something that’s vital to good customer service - the ability to listen.
Published on 13th of Jun 2017 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Business Writing - The Underrated Skill
Throughout my studies I always found it annoying when teachers or lecturers would penalise me for incorrect formatting or grammar.
Published on 12th of Jun 2017 by Tamara Benatar [ read more ]

The Enneagram - Which One Are You?
In short, the Ennegram is a sense-making tool that helps us to understand ourselves and allows us to develop to our best potential. It divides personalities into nine groups, 18 wings, three sub-types, and three instincts.
Published on 6th of Jun 2017 by Debbie Engelbrecht CEO [ read more ]

Is Your Version of Success the Same as Mine?
Two of our most popular courses are our Frontline Reception Training I and Frontline Reception Training II workshops. I love to facilitate them because of the wonderful people that I meet.
Published on 5th of Jun 2017 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Stress Relievers!
So I’ve just finished reading about an office in Japan where people are encouraged to bring their cats to work. Being an animal nut myself, I love the idea of integrating these great stress relievers into our work life.
Published on 2nd of Jun 2017 by Carolyn Kessler [ read more ]

Resilience - Why is it so Important?
In a constantly changing world, we often are not in control of many situations that happen in our life. All that we are able to do is control how we react to those unexpected situations.
Published on 29th of May 2017 by Tamara Benatar [ read more ]

A Case Study in Project Management Training
We were contacted by a diversifying company in the home building industry. Having started out as an interior finishing company, they have subsequently become involved in more elaborate projects and were now beginning to act as the main project managers for small developments and subcontracting to a different division in their own company, among others.
Published on 26th of May 2017 by Debbie Engelbrecht CEO [ read more ]

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